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Gas range with 6 burners

by MKN
  • ]Range according to DIN 18851 for all-purpose application in commercial kitchens. For the preparation of dishes in saucepans and pans on one surface.
  • For boiling, steaming, frying, braising, simmering and steam frying.
  • CNS/stainless steel hob with large radii, easy to clean, seamlessly and tightly deep drawn 70 mm to the cover plate. The burners which are sealed downwards have atmospheric burner heads. Removable sliding grid 350 x 700 mm of CNS/stainless steel (for two burners) to move large pans easier.
  • Heating by atmospheric burner heads, thermoelectrically protected. Ignition burner and thermoelement protected by a removable cap. Nozzle and primary air aperture of the ignition burner protected under the hob. The heating power setting occurs by means of a thermoelectrically protected multi-gas tap for each cooking zone. Gas cut off cock integrated in the panel.