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Reusable Face Mask (1 pc)

by BeCooL
BeCooL Reusable Face Mask is a 3-layer mask tailor-crafted to fit all face sizes with sizes in Small (125x205mm), Medium (145x225mm) and Large (160x235mm).

Based on a study by Duke University in the United States, polyester-cotton masks have an effectiveness of 94.8% in preventing the spread of Covid-19 droplets.

BeCooL Reusable Face Mask offers a unique 3-layer protection. The outermost layer is made of polyester specially treated to repel water, filter dust particles and protect from UV. The mid and inner layers are 100% cotton and treated with Sciessent Agion® Silver Antimicrobial Technology, clinically proven to give 99.99% efficacy from bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus. Learn more here.

You can also add any of the BeCooL fragrance sachets to improve your mask-wearing experience. All fragrances are lab-tested and approved for use. Each fragrance sachet lasts for about 24 hours and can be stored for reuse.

This mask maintains optimal functionality of 30 washes.

The package contents for each face mask contains:
  • 1 x BeCooL Reusable Face Mask
  • 1 x Jasmine fragrance sachet
  • 1 x Juicy Orange fragrance sachet
  • 1 x Winter Peppermint fragrance sachet

Wash and care instructions
  • Machine-wash with soft detergent and color-safe bleach.
  • Dry on high setting or hang dry.

Important notes:

  • Delivery Lead Time: 3-7 Working Days