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City Energy Timer Gas Hobs

CG Timer Hob

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Key Features:

  • Timer Alert Function - Alarm goes off and gas supply is cut off when preset time is up
  • Flame Failure Safety Device - Cuts off the gas supply when the flame accidentally goes out
  • Enamelled Cast Iron Pan Support
    • Heavy duty
    • Great stability
    • Easy cleaning
  • Dual Wok Burner - Separate regulation of the flame rings
  • Powerful Flame - High efficiency

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Important Notes:

  • Delivery and/or installation (+$54.00) - applicable if you have an existing hob of the same cut-out size. Installation will be on the same date as the delivery date.
  • Custom installation - applicable for new homes with on-site complications or require additional equipment for setup e.g. valves. Our customer service will contact you to find out your requirements and advise you of the charges required. Installation charges will not be charged in your online purchase and will be only be charged to your utility bill. No cash will be collected at the date of installation.

Terms & Conditions apply.

For enquiries, please contact the general enquiries hotline at 1800-555-1661. Please note that appointment dates are subject to availability.