REU-2008W-RS (Condo Model) — City Energy Pte. Ltd. (as Trustee of City Energy Trust)
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REU-2008W-RS (Condo Model)

by Rinnai

This is an outdoor gas water heater. It has a weather proof body which is suitable for outdoor installation, for instance on an air-conditioner ledge demarcated outside a building.

  • Gas fired instantaneous gas water heater
  • Multi-points of usage
  • Digital wired remote control
  • Hydraulic type pulse ignition
  • Forced exhaust
  • 220 – 240V / 50Hz rated voltage
  • Standalone where hot water usage points are not more than 10 meters from the gas water heater.
  • Dimension : 350 X 600 X 170mm
  • Hot water capacity: 20L/min
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Minimum water flow rate: 2.7L

Important Notes: 

  • The price quoted is only for the supply and delivery of the gas water heater.
  • You will need to engage the supplier or a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW) to carry out the installation work.
  • All installation works must comply with the requirements set by the local authorities.
  • An installation fee of $450 (before GST) is applicable for replacement of an existing gas water heater. Onsite payment to installer.
  • Delivery lead time: 3 working days