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by Rinnai

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  • Model City Energy: Rinnai RDT-62-SG-W
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: H 661mm x W 650mm x D 561mm (A clear gap of 150mm is required above the dryer for installation of humidity duct.)
  • Maximum Drying Capacity: 6 to 6.5kg
  • Computerized Drying Sensor: Yes
  • Gas Consumption: 4.65kW (4000kcal/h)
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Electric Supply: A.C. 230V (50Hz)

Price/Installation charges (separately to your Utilities Bill):

  • Rinnai RDT-62-SG-W Gas Clothes Dryer at $1,180
  • Floorstanding Rack additional $136.00
  • New dryer installation for HDB Flat only  (includes extension of gas pipe from cooking point to gas clothes dryer position, including installation of gas clothes dryer at any point within kitchen/service balcony) at $324
  • Replacement of gas clothes dryer at existing gas clothes dryer point at $178.20

Important Notes:

For enquiries, please contact the general enquiries hotline at 1800-555-1661. Please note that appointment dates are subject to availability.