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IoT Devices

  • MW705W


    from $65.00

    WI-FI Features Rocker button (R series) with remote control using iAppliances app Supports high–powered loading up to 30A Surge and Circuit protec...

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  • Zigbee Scene Switch

    Zigbee Scene Switch

    from $34.00

    Features Set your desired scenes at home, customisable to your lifestyle and preferences Each button can activate up to 3 smart scenes Low power c...

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  • MW815R Rain Sensor

    MW815R Rain Sensor

    from $48.00

    Reliably detects rain and closes smart zip track system through automation Sound the alarm in case of rain through automation Wi-Fi Protocol: Wi-...

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  • Zigbee Gateway MW801Z
    Sold out

    Zigbee Gateway MW801Z


    Wireless Zigbee Gateway iAppliance App enabled Compact Design Communication bridge between smart devices connected by Zigbee and Wi-Fi

  • MW891B Smart Bulb

    MW891B Smart Bulb

    from $16.00

    Smart Light Bulb• iAppliance App enabled• Preset and customized light scenes to create ambiance for any occasion, whether you're using warm-to-cool...

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  • MW880C Smart Camera

    MW880C Smart Camera

    from $88.00

    Smart Home Security Camera• iAppliances App enabled• Experience a new sense of security with 1080p HD video, night vision, and 2-way audio• Alerts ...

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  • MW840S Smart Socket

    MW840S Smart Socket

    from $26.00

    Smart WiFi Socket• iAppliance App enabled• Compact and Sleek Design• Convert any power point into a smart one• Enjoy smart features without sacrifi...

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  • MW800S Smart Siren

    MW800S Smart Siren

    from $42.00

    Smart Siren Alarm• iAppliances App enabled• Act as a deterrent for suspicious activities, request for help, or to ward off unwanted visitors, provi...

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