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by Macro
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Promotion from now to 29th April
  • $50 Gas Rebate
  • Purchase with purchase 10% off any hob and hood

There is nothing more satisfying than a hot shower after a long day — with the help of a gas water heater. City Energy offers a wide range of high-quality heating appliances powered by piped town gas.

The benefits of using piped town gas-powered heating appliances include:

  • Greater Savings: In comparison to an electric storage water heater, a household can save $1200 by using a gas water heater based on a study by NEA.
  • Carbon Emissions Savings: Using a gas water heater saves an approximately 80% reduction in carbon emissions* compared to the electric storage water heater.

*Source: Based on a study conducted by National University of Singapore (NUS) Prof Lee Siew Eang.

Macro MA-10WFE Smart Gas Water Heater:
  • Mobile app controlled
  • Usage data recorded by app
  • Hot water supply to 2 points of usage
  • Installed in the kitchen or service yard
  • Digital temperature control with LCD screen
  • Force Flue (Modulation)
  • 230VAC power supply
  • Incorporated with 25 safety protection features
  • Tested to EN26 standard by TUV SUB PSB Singapore
  • Dimensions (with crown): (H) 585 x (W) 340 x (D) 180mm

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Important Notes:

Gas Water Heater (for HDB only)
Free delivery and installation with standard replacement - worth $147.15 (inclusive GST) or
Free delivery and New installation including extension of gas pipe from cooking point to heater position within kitchen/service balcony, excluding plumbing services - worth $218 (inclusive GST)

For enquiries, please contact the general enquiries hotline at 1800-555-1661. Please note that appointment dates are subject to availability.