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40 Gallon Floor Mounted Tilting Gas Kettle

by Vulcan

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Vulcan's commercial kettles are designed with state-of-the-art features like permanent embossed markings for improved ease of use and accuracy in your restaurant or any commercial operation. While acting as the perfect soup kettle, Vulcan's broad line of versatile kettles (with or without a steam jacket) can also be used for stews, broths, sauces, pastas and more.

We don’t just make a 40-gallon, floor-mounted, gas-powered tilting kettle...we make one with 50% more capacity than other brands and a thicker rim. So you can make more of that special baked BBQ bean dish that goes so well with chicken and pork. And you can make it faster and serve it more easily too!

Ellipsoidal bottom kettle liner formed and fully welded standard type 316 and type 304 stainless steel exterior

Heavy bar rim (1 ⁄4 x 5 ⁄8 inch 20 gallons) (3 ⁄8 x 1 inch 40 gallons and greater)

Embossed gallon/litre markings

50 psi (3.4 kg/cm2 ) steam jacket rating

Stainless steel enclosure for “water resistant” controls, self-locking tilt mechanism and faucet bracket

Controls include a power switch, power “on” light, solid state temperature control, vacuum/pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, low water light and lower water shut-off

Elevation from sea level to 8,999 feet standard

Kettle tilts forward 95° to completely empty

Tubular stainless steel legs with flanged feet