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Gas Flexicombi Oven 10xGN 1/1 CL

by MKN
  • Combi steamer according to DIN 18 866 (part 2) suitable for most of the cooking methods used in commercial kitchens. A choice of cooking functions is offered using convection and pressureless fresh steam, either separately, one after the other or combined with moist and dry heat. Manual operating concept with 6 cooking modes: SoftSteaming, Steaming, ExpressSteaming, Convection, CombiSteaming, Perfection.EasyLoad - Crosswise insertion supplied as standard to ensure safety at work.
  • Cooking chamber door with inspection window, rear ventilated, triple glazed safety glass. High performance PHI fan wheel with integrated grease separation system without fat filter, with removable air baffle plate. Auto reverse fan for best cooking uniformity with 5 programmable fan speeds and fan wheel safety brake.
  • ClimaSelect – Climate control individually controllable cooking chamber climate with humidity and temperature measurement as well as active humidification and dehumidification. Humidity setting specific to the product from 0 up to 100% (in 5 steps), displayed digitally with incremental adjustment.
  • Manual cleaning programme with user guide (not in combination with WaveClean® ‒ optional).