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Gas Flexicombi Oven 6xGN 1/1 MP

by MKN
  • A flexible combination oven unit for manual and automatic cooking. Combi steamer according to DIN 18 866 (part 2) suitable for most of the cooking methods used in commercial kitchens. FlexiCombi offers a choice of cooking functions with convection and pressureless fresh steam either separately, one after the other or combined with moist or dry heat.
  • The FlexiCombi MagicPilot enables the user to work with two self-explanatory operating concepts for manual and automatic cooking depending on the chef's requirements. MagicPilot – intuitive, touch operation. Automatic operating concept with 10 autoChef cooking categories. EasyLoad - Crosswise insertion supplied as standard to ensure safety at work. SES® – Steam Exhaust System
  • Condensation of the steam in the cooking chamber. Hot steam will not escape when the door is opened at the end of the cooking programme – pleasant working environment and safety to the staff. WaveClean® – automatic cleaning system
  • Three cleaning levels to adapt individually to the dirtiness of the chamber. Closed cleaning cycle. This means lower energy and water consumption. Two-in-one safety cartridges, detergent and rinse agent together in one cartridge sealed in a protective wax film. This ensures that the user has no direct contact with the detergent and dosing is not required.