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RDT-62-SG-W Gas Clothes Dryer

by Rinnai

Running 50 percent faster than a conventional electric dryer, the Rinnai RDT-62-SG-W is cost effective and ensures that clothes dry extra quickly.
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  • Model City Energy: Rinnai RDT-62-SG-W
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: H 661mm x W 650mm x D 561mm (A clear gap of 150mm is required above the dryer for installation of humidity duct.)
  • Maximum Drying Capacity: 6 to 6.5kg
  • Computerized Drying Sensor: Yes
  • Gas Consumption: 4.65kW (4000kcal/h)
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Electric Supply: A.C. 230V (50Hz)

Price/Installation charges (separately to your Utilities Bill):

  • Rinnai RDT-62-SG-W Gas Clothes Dryer at $1,005.00
  • Floorstanding Rack additional $135.00
  • New dryer installation for HDB Flat only  (includes extension of gas pipe to gas clothes dryer position, including installation of gas clothes dryer at any point within kitchen/service balcony) at $208.65
  • Replacement of gas clothes dryer at existing gas clothes dryer point at $155.15

Important Notes:

For enquiries, please contact the general enquiries hotline at 1800-555-1661. Please note that appointment dates are subject to availability.